January 2017 Newsletter

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The Committee and Trustees of “Friends” would like to wish you a very happy New Year and to thank you for your continued support. I’m sorry for the long delay since the last News Letter but we are suffering from the departure to Derbyshire of Julia and Philip Cross who used to do so much for All Saints and for Friends of All Saints including the News Letter. They moved to be nearer family and we wish them well in their new home.

In July we held a Pig Roast at London End Farm by kind permission of Jill Ward. The weather was fine and as the 5 day forecast was favourable, a major factor in the ability to sell tickets we had a good attendance. The event raised just under £800 which we felt was a satisfactory outcome. The grounds were cleared by 10am the next morning thanks to a team of helpers, the event was entertained by our favourite group the Cordwainers (Formerly Musical Roots).

Our Barn Dance in November this year was held in the Youth Club on Earls Barton Recreation Ground. The room was spacious and suitable with room for the Bar and the Band again Cordwainers, dances called by Robin Hillman persuading people with tired limbs as well as the energetic to get to their feet and dance. We managed to sell 90 tickets which was our target but as usual in Earls Barton most at the last minute. Ian the Butcher made our Barton Pasties this year and we raised £523 on the evening.

“Friends” organised the Christmas Tree on top of the Tower again this year also thanks to several other helpers getting a 16ft tree to the top, Roy Bond (keeper of the Tower) Colin Wells and colleague. The lights could be seen for many miles, including the Star on the top. This splendid tree was donated by Whites Nursery with our grateful thanks.

So much for our activities. The 2 outstanding projects at this stage are the production of a new Church Guide. The text in the booklet is based on the original work done by Andy Hart, the photo’s this time will be in colour and we hope to produce an attractive booklet containing all the pertinent information. In addition we also hope to produce some individual sheets about the Stained Glass, the Screen, the Monuments and the Bells. This will give visitors with a particular interest something to take away instead of the whole booklet.

The second project relates to some plasterwork on the Tower near to the clock face. Because of the Tower’s historic importance this work needs to be carried out with particular materials and in a certain way.. Several authorities are involved and the suggestion so far have been at variance with previous work done and have been very expensive. The wheels of authority turn very slowly so the Church buildings committee have no definite plan as yet. We feel that as “Friends of All Saints” this project is one that we should support financially, but as yet we have no target. Probably this year we will run another Barbeque or Pig Roast and another Barn Dance anyway.

The last bit of News relates to a copy of the Doomsday book. This was given to Earls Barton Library some years ago. When the library installed the computers the book and its cabinet were put in the store room. Regrettably the cabinet sustained water damage at some time. When this came to light the library offered it to All Saints and “Friends” undertook the job of restoring it. A friendly furniture restorer re-polished the cabinet, Gents Glass of Wellingborough donated and installed a glass panel to replace the cracked one.

A plaque and fresh lock are being replaced before it is available for viewing in the Church. It is interesting to note that the original cabinet was made and donated by inmates of Wellingborough Prison.

Any of you “Friends of All Saints” will be most welcome to help us in our efforts. All events require a lot of people doing a little bit each. Many hands make light work. Please visit our web site at Friends of all Saints Earls Barton.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Newsletter

The clock face on the Saxon Tower was completed just in time to be seen resplendent in the Sunshine on Remembrance Sunday.  We hope that repainted and re-gilded dial will stand the ravages of the weather for many years to come.

November 10th 2013 - Clock Refurbishment

Completed Clock Face

repaired clock face

The clock face on the Saxon Tower was completed just in time to be seen resplendent in the Sunshine on Remembrance Sunday.  We hope that repainted and re-gilded dial will stand the ravages of the weather for many years to come.


August 31st 2012

Friends of All Saints Church help to put a new face on the Tower Clock


Those of you who have taken a close look at the clock face on our Saxon Tower will have noticed that it looks a bit worse for wear. The refurbishment of the face is the final piece of work which needs to be carried out following the last Architect’s visit.

The Church is planning to have the face taken away to be cleaned up and re-gilded and has asked the Trustees to consider contributing to the cost which will be over £6000. At a recent meeting they agreed to make a grant of £2000.

Watch out for the facelift!


Saturday 14th July 2012 - Minutes of the AGM

Roger Smith, trustee and Chairman of the Management Committee welcomed 13 members to the meeting, along with fellow Trustee, Rev Miranda Hayes.

Apologies were received from George Blackwell, Peter Verden, Martyn Pratt and Andrew Gunn (all trustees) and from the following members: Eryl Gaddes, Philip Cross, Douglas Gibbs, Jennie Wills, Richard Tapp, Valerie Brown and Roger and Margaret Manfield.

Chairman’s report

Roger opened his report by highlighting the obligation held by our generation to ensure that our historic church and tower are adequately maintained, in order that future generations might also be enriched by this link with the past.

He reported on membership numbers (currently 43),  the fund raising events held during the year and those planned for the near future.

After thanking  the members of the Management committee, he advised the meeting that the Trustees had received an application from the Church Buildings Committee Chairman, asking for help with the cost of repairing and re-gilding the face of the Tower clock – the only remaining work outstanding from the previous quinquennial inspection of the church fabric.  The Trustees had agreed to award a grant of £2,000 towards this work.

Financial report:

This was circulated to members present.  The Charity Commissioners require accounts to be submitted to 31st December each year.  Total income for the year to 31.12 11 was £2773.00 , with expenditure totalling £232.93.  The largest expense was incurred in the printing of the Friends membership leaflet.  There is currently in the region of £5.000 in the bank account, with almost £1,800 raised by events this year.  Gift Aid of about £400 is still to be claimed.

The Chairman then opened the meeting to questions and comments from the members.  It was suggested that an article in Barton Today about the expenditure on the clock might stimulate interest in joining and that businesses should be approached re corporate membership.

The Chairman thanked members for attending the AGM and invited them to enjoy tea and cakes.  The meeting closed at 3.45pm.